Saturday, 21 June 2008

Uses for clear post-it notes in the art studio

Ah post-it notes. I love simple office supplies that become near indispensable in the office. When I read this article I got to thinking about some of the uses that an artist could apply this simple technique too. The article talks about the using clear post-it notes for making notes in library books and text books.

The transparent post-it notes are fairly small (normally 4 x 4"), but they do stick to the page without damaging the book. This is great when you're using a library book or a magazine you don't really want to keep, or a text book you want to sell next semester! Unfortunately, these post-it notes can be somewhat difficult to find so I have some alternate techniques listed further down the page.

Uses for artists:
  • Make composition notes from other paintings, photos, images
  • Highlight phrases of text such as instructions in how-to books while you're working through a technique
  • Highlight colours from lists of paints that you need to buy
  • Try alternate compositions/ costumes/ expressions

Alternate solutions:
  1. Attach with blue tac a small sheet of the following

    1. Baking paper/ greaseproof paper (though you may need to use a Sharpie pen with this)
    2. Tracing paper/ velum and pencil
    3. Clear acetate and a whiteboard marker/ Overhead projector marker. This is only a temporary solution as eventually it will wipe off. Plus Acetate can be expensive!

  2. Photocopy the image and draw directly on the photocopy. Use white-out/ correction fluid and coloured pens/ highlighters to explore different ideas

  3. Take a snapshot/ scan of the image and transfer to the computer. Create a 'trace' layer in your photo editing software and go mad!

  4. Use software such as to "Copy documents, whiteboards and handwritten notes with your camera phone or digital camera to store, fax, email or publish!" (From the site)
N.B. make sure you are following copyright laws whenever you trace/ copy/ reproduce anything.